About Us

As synthetic feed additives have become more available in the past decades, it also raised several concerns about their safety. As these products are synthesized, in most cases they contain by-products that might have adverse effects on animal health. Also, some of these production methods are very harsh and have a big impact on environment.

Natura Feed Ingredients product range was created to provide all-natural solutions to improve animal performance and health. Our production methods include nutrient extraction from different plants and all ingredients in the final products originate from the source plant. With no by-products, our product line is completely safe for the animal and the consumer.

While providing peace of mind in your feed, our products are very effective achieving your goals.

The benefits include:

  • Reducing feed cost by using nutrient matrix values
  • Improving animal performance
  • Improving processing parameters and animal value
  • Increasing flock uniformity
  • Improving animal health
  • Maintaining gut integrity

Natura Feed Ingredients product line is exclusively manufactured and backed up by CSP Inc which brings years of experience and knowledge on animal feed additives.