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Why is Natura Feed the Safest?

Plant-based only,
never synthetic

Our all-natural ingredients allow feed manufacturers to develop more nutritional products, and meat producers to raise healthier animals

Natura Feed serves animal feed manufacturers and animal producers operating in the poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture sectors. We help them raise the nutritional value of their feed, improve animal performance, and reduce feed costs. To learn more about our insistence on 100% natural ingredients, click here.


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Natura Betaine

Protect against coccidiosis and improve animal performance during times of heat stress, rapid growth, crowding, pathogen challenge, etc.


Natura E-Saver

Accelerate nutrient absorption and utilization in high- and low-energy diets by improving micelle and liposome formation during digestion.


Naturazyme ®

All-natural feed-enzyme complex that increases digestion rates and nutritive value in poultry diets to lower producers’ overall feed costs.


Naturamin ®

Highest-quality trace-mineral premix that eliminates skeletal, eggshell, and hatchability problems associated with mineral deficiencies.


Natura Yucca

Plant-based additive helps poultry maintain balanced intestinal bacteria to maximize gut health, nutrient utilization, and immune function.

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Natura Feed Ingredients

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance Program involves strict adherence to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards, and we partner with our industry’s most reputable and responsible organizations.

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